Our Story

We Are Moving To Seattle!!

Oh man, we are excited! Washington, here we come! Read on to learn more about this next season of Live Salted. 

The Call

Live Salted was launched in February 2016 and since then SO much has happened. We have put on three major conferences in Orange, California; Seattle, Washington; and Portland, Oregon, hosted two worship nights, spoken at various events and gatherings, written blog series and posts, and physically connected with hundreds of women from all over the world. We started off in a shed-turned office in Orange, California, then made the move to Bend, Oregon, AND NOW feel the call to move our home base to Seattle, Washington right in the heart of University of Washington in the University District!

When you surrender everything, the Lord will work in and through you in ways you could have never fathomed. He will take you places you never could have never dreamed of and use you in ways far beyond your wildest imagination. Surrender does, however, come with a lot risk and a whole lot of trust. 

This past season of having Live Salted headquartered in Bend, Oregon has been a sweet one, but we knew it was going to be temporary. Locationally, it is off major highways, away from major cities, and the airport is small. In terms of resources, the number of college and millennial females that we could connect with was relatively low. Bend is nothing short of a paradise city, but when Emily and Marshall Jamieson called and suggested moving Live Salted up to Seattle, it just seemed right. There was a peace about moving to a higher-populated, well-connected, college-thriving community. So, after a lot of prayer and lot of time spent on the phone dreaming and talking out logistics, here we are!

In just a few weeks, we will be packing up all of our things and making the drive to our new home in the University District just one street off of University of Washington’s Greek row!

The Plan

So this is going to sound crazy, and it is, but we believe God works in the crazy AND we are so excited about it.

By early October, the Jamieson family, Rachel Brusca, and myself will all be living together in a six bedroom rental. Rachel and I will have our own bedrooms in the basement, and the Jamiesons – Emily, Marshall, Tucker (9), Bennett (7), Wesley (5), and Finn (22 months) – will be in the four bedrooms on the top story with all eight of us to share the kitchen, living and family room on the main floor!


Pretty crazy, right??

Everyone in the house has a heart for others, so our prayer is for this house to become a place of rest, restoration, Jesus, and a whole lot of fun for ourselves as well as anyone who comes through our front door. We plan on hosting small groups, dinners, family game nights/ dance parties and whatever else the Lord has in store including all things Live Salted!

A lot of the details for this next chapter of life are up in the air, but we do know that our Lord will be with us through the entire thing, directing our every step. We know there will be a learning curve when it comes to sharing this much life together – think emotional and physical needs as well as the household things like grocery shopping, chores, who gets to park in the driveway verses the street, and whatever else comes up, but this idea (and now reality) of really DOING life together gets each and everyone of us excited.

Prayer + Support

If you would like to partner with us on this grand adventure through prayer, please subscribe here to our Prayer Warrior newsletter. We will be sending out weekly emails with our specific prayer requests, and would love to have you come alongside us in our God-sized needs, wants and desires.

Financially, we are going to need a lot of support.

Please pray about partnering with us financially. We are in the process of becoming a non-profit in the next 3-6 months, meaning any donations to us up to 72 months prior to our status being approved can be counted as tax-deductible. You can check out our “give” page here, donate directly here or send checks to 5037 16th Ave NE, Seattle Washington 98105! Your donations will help make our rent more affordable, cover the costs of new inventory and product, allow us to spend more hours creating content and curriculum and so much more!

Thank you!

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 More Details

Over the next few weeks as we make our transition to Seattle, we will be posting more articles about our move and different aspects of the story as the Lord starts to reveal more of His plan to us. We hope you follow along.

Stories are the tangible reminders of God’s hand at work, and we pray our story reminds you of His presence in your own life as well. 

This next chapter is going to be an adventure, and we are expectant of all that will come from it!

Please keep us in your prayers (if you want to be on our prayer warrior team join here), and make sure to subscribe to “Our Story” a newsletter specific to keeping you updated on all the internal happenings and stories of Live Salted.



Your Salty Team