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Living as a Coronary Christian + “Winning Life”

Walking out your belief in Christ is not something you do just when you are feeling it – it is a belief you hold on to regardless of feeling. Just like the constant beating of your heart, we must learn ...

Trust vs. Clarity

You’re standing at the cross roads of a big decision. The last thing you want to do is make the wrong choice but it feels like your prayers for direction and clarity are going unanswered by God.  Here’s why that’s a good ...
FaithLife To The Full

Live Entrusted

How often do we question our level of trust in the Lord? How often do we tell ourselves we need to have more trust? What if we swap that perspective and ask ourselves, how much does God trust me? When you ...
FaithLife To The Full

Live Adventurously Expectant

If you allow God to write your story, to be your conductor, to be your captain then you WILL live a life of adventure, awe and wonder. It won’t be comfortable, easy, or even make sense most of the time, ...
Everyday ThanksgivingsFaith

Everyday Thanksgiving // Weakness

Weakness has the power to break you down, and completely destroy you. But, when we find the joy in our weakness and give thanks for it, we are trusting in God. Part 5 of our 7 part Everyday Thanksgiving series.
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Salty Stories: Heart For Haiti

Here it Live Salted, we want to hear your heart, your stories, and everything in between. We want to share stories of how God is working within us, whether that’s from our bedrooms or from the floor of a far-away ...