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Forgetting to Remember

Are you currently in a ‘Summer Season’? Where life feels like a rollercoaster that only goes up, things seem to fall into place and every day is met with joyful anticipation? If so make sure you’re not forgetting to remember a ...
Summer Series

Emily Jamieson – Bio

Emily Jamieson – The Bio Writer of the #livesaltedsummerseries Our writer is amazing. She is witty, smart, and talks in beautifully stated analogies. Take a look below to find out even more about her!
Summer Series

Bible 101: The Teaser

Bible 101: The Teaser We are launching our first summer series and here is our teaser. Over the next 8 weeks we will be diving into the Bible and all of the truth, transformation, and knowledge it has in store for us. ...
Summer Series

Bible 101: The Overview

Bible 101: The Overview  Does your Bible spend more time on your desk than it does in your hands? Does the thought of opening it intimidate you to the point of not even trying? Is the Bible something you want to ...