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The Power of Imperfection

We all are on the pursuit of a good life. One that is full of love, joy, peace and adventure. How does God suggest we achieve this? By boasting proudly about our imperfections and weaknesses of course. 

Showing Up

Our world can be disappointing, and can break our hearts through the brokenness that affects the lives of many across the globe. As Christians, we are called to stand up and show up for the marginalized and persecuted.  
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Don’t Let Satan Steal What Is Yours

Everyday we are in a battle field. Everyday the devil is working devious schemes trying to pull us away from life in the Spirit, and life in step with the Lord. BUT, we are not alone in this fight. The ...

Wake Up Wednesday: Faith vs Fear

Wake Up Wednesday: Faith vs. Fear What do you do when you feel that God has surely promised you something, yet it seems like there’s no forthcoming of that promise appearing? Do you allow yourself to sit in the faith ...