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Preserving Innocence

We live in a world that attempts to steal our innocence and childlike wonder and replace it with an “over promise – under delivered” happiness ...

Lay It All Down

We carry around burdens with us each and every day that God wants to take off our backs and put on His. Will you let ...

Living as a Coronary Christian + “Winning Life”

Walking out your belief in Christ is not something you do just when you are feeling it – it is a belief you hold on ...

Life as a Vapor – Part 2

Our time here on earth is temporary, so how do we live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling? We have one BIG answer that will ...

Life is a Vapor, Part 1

Our time on earth is limited, and our hardships, joys, trials, and triumphs are just tiny little moments of that time.  So… how will you ...

Forgetting to Remember

Are you currently in a ‘Summer Season’? Where life feels like a rollercoaster that only goes up, things seem to fall into place and every day ...
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