Hello Ladies!

Emily Jamieson

Oh my goodness am I excited for this study to begin {+ I hope you are too!}

For you, today may just be an ordinary day, but for me this marks the culmination of a dream God seeded in my heart long ago, 2003 to be exact. This study is the culmination of years of storming the quiet place with God and being given an unquenchable thirst for His word. It is the the outpouring of all that He has deposited in me as I have stumbled through the Bible and begged for insight into who He is.

I do not remember a time when I did not believe in God, but can I just affirm that there is a big difference between believing in God and knowing Him?!

This treacherous and thrilling adventure from believing to knowing Jesus spanned 12 inches from my head to my heart and began with an ACL tear, an identity crisis, and a perfectly placed Young Life leader sometime midway through High School. It continued into college as I watched friends with insight and verses ready on their lips astound me with their wisdom, while I had not one verse memorized… I felt I had no such wisdom to offer and my faith felt flimsy. My understanding proved limited. So I cried out for wisdom.

And God responded.

I kind of think He delighted in my request. He sent me mentors, Bible studies, had me show up at a random conference because of an ad I heard on the radio {where I first learned how to read the Bible for myself}, even shut off my hormones for a time so that I was not as distracted by smokin’ hot young men (ha!) and the Holy Spirit took me to school.

My desire to know God’s word grew; with the help of mentors and Bible studies and teachers like Anne Graham Lotz, Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer, along with years spent at a Community Bible Study, I began little by little to not only become familiar but to fall in love with this living book. And somewhere in there a dream was seeded in me to teach God’s word to others.

Jesus is the object of my desire, and the One I want every person on this planet to know personally for the sheer thrill of how He loves us. One way to know Him better is through the Bible, a window through which to see Jesus, and I want to help each and everyone of you grab ahold of that through this series. 

In short, this study is birthed out of a heart that has been unequivocally fought for and won by the living God who is unsearchable and exciting and enticing and mysterious and flirtatious and adventurous and good. AND it is motivated by a deep love for you, my sisters in the faith.

I have been waking early and writing and praying for your ears to be opened, and your heart to be soft, and for your faith to swell. I hope we become fast friends, and I can’t wait to hear from you along the way!

Our God cares deeply for His girls and doesn’t want us to be filled with just good intentions and inspiring quotes, but to be filled with wisdom and truth so we can laugh at the days to come and simultaneously know how to wield a sword.

Let’s get to it.