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I Am: Finding Identity In The Lord

We are constantly trying to grasp at something to find our identity in. It could be tangible in the sense of trying to find the right 5 words to sum up our lives in our Insta bios, crafing up the best snapchat story, or writing out an about me page for  a resume or a website. It could also be on the subconscious level of getting our identity from the affirmation of boys, the self pat-on-the-back from a good test score or new PR mile time or whatever else you identify with. There are constantly things vying for our attention and begging us to find our identity in, BUT… if those things are of this world then they are temporary and fleeting. We must look to find our identity in the Lord- the Rock Eternal! Read, watch, and listen up as Arianna Vranas opens up our eyes to what it looks like to truly find your identity in the Lord. 

I Am: Finding Identity In The Lord

Arianna Vranas 

Picture this: you step onto your college campus as a freshman and the first thing you are given is an “I Am ____” name tag. But…instead of filling it out with your name, you are instructed to fill it out with something descriptive of yourself- something you identify with maybe how others see you. What would you write? Would you write your social media handle or where you are from, your major, your gpa, or, heck, even maybe your Myers-Briggs personality type?

For me, if I was asked to do that as a freshman in high school, I know I would quickly scribble down one word: dancer.

Growing up, I was a fairly shy kid but where I truly blossomed was on the dance floor. In fact, I blossomed for 13 years straight on the dance floor. Without a doubt, a lot of amazing experiences and friendships came out of my dancing career that I would not give up for the world. But, after two reconstructive knee surgeries and ultimately being told that I would have to quit dance, I felt paralyzed. I didn’t know what to do or who I was supposed to be anymore. I had allowed dance to become my identity so when I got injured and lost my ability to dance, I felt utterly lost. The person that I knew myself to be was now no longer.

No let me ask you a question: where do you find your identity? Is it in something that can be taken away with a bad test score, a broken limb, or a bad ill-filtered photo? Is it in a sport or hobby like how I used to be with dance? Or maybe you find your identity in the grades you achieve, the boys that you date, the amount of followers you have on Instagram, the clothes you wear, the vacations you go on, even the number of volunteer hours you log. But friends, listen to me- you are so much more than that. Those earthy accomplishments, benchmarks, standards do not define who you are.

Your true value and eternal worth come from Jesus- nothing else. 

I Am Awesome

While that truth is setting in, let’s take a break from reading and tune into this game changing video: “Who You Are: A Message To All Women”. In this video, Jon Jorgenson throws words out at you about who you are in Christ, but they aren’t any old words.

These words are truths – truths that are pulled straight from the Bible.

These truths are promises – promises that God speaks into our lives day in and day out no matter if we are listening or not.

These truths are transformative – transformative to the point if you let them fully sink in and change how you view yourself- you will live a completely different life!

So with these facts running through your head- watch this video. Lean in. Tune in, and let this video’s truth wash over you. Listen with not only your ears but your hearts, for these are the truths and promises that your Almighty Father wants you to hear.

Pretty amazing, huh? Don’t you just wish you could get a pep talk like that every morning as you head to your 8AM class or your stressful job? Well you’re in luck, because you totally can! The only catch is, it’s all up to you.

Everyday, the God of the Universe is telling you how valued, important, loved, capable, and beautiful you are, and everyday you have the choice to decide if you’re going to tune in and make it your foundation or if you are going to continue to listen to the ways of this world. 

Instead of letting the perfect (or not so perfect) score on your Econ final, the new relationship you just started with an awesome guy that is going amazing or… not so amazing, the leadership role you just took on have that is ending up to be more than you can handle, or even your mile long list of extra-curriculer-do-goods be your foundation, why not root yourself fully on the identity that God has created you with?

An identity that you do not need to do anything for.

An identity that was bought at a price by the death of pure and perfect man- Jesus?

Why not read the Bible as truth and listen to its verses? Doing that will bring stability and a sturdy foundation to your life- you won’t find that by chasing the temporary things of this world.

“Therefore, whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock. BUT everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: and the rains descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.” – Matthew 7:24-27

I don’t know about you, but I for sure do not want to have my life be described as “great was its fall.” If you do, then continue to live by the ways of this world, but if not- it is time to turn your eyes to your Creator and find your identity in Him alone- not in this world.

In this parable, you are the house, God is the rock, and the sand is everything you choose to put your identity in other than God. Its the grades, the attention, the clothing, the money, the stability and comfort we Americans are always looking for. It’s everything besides Jesus. I know, personally, I have read this passage countless times and I am guessing a few of you have as well. I am guessing that there have been time when you think you are totally all in and doing life with God as my only true foundation, but when hard times come I turn away or forget about my foundation. I quickly start to listen to the lies and forget about my true identity…

“Too often we do not take our next step with Jesus because it is easier to read our Bible than it is to be obedient to what we already know. Falling into that trap leads us to build a life that doesn’t last through the hard times.” –New Spring Church

Our New Series

So with that… we have decided to launch a new series called “I Am” focusing on the promises and truth Jesus has said over our lives. SO often we listen to the devil, and we listen to his schemes over our lives, and it is time to start defending ourself and our identity. The best way to do this is to know the truth.

Over the next 12 days we are going to post a new blog highlighting a different one of God’s promises to us. Our prayer is for you to follow along, read them all, and have your life be transformed by the truth of your character and freedom in Christ. Ladies, this stuff is transforming and freeing and will open up your eyes and ears to experience life how God intended it. Oh man, are we excited.

The Salt Gathering

Worship + a Talk on Identity

Souther California ladies we are talking to you! If you are in the area, you are not going to want to miss out on this event! We are going to be gathering together to sing, be together with other Christians, and listen to a little message on who we are in Christ- not to mention we are going to have some SUPER cool Salt Swag. Click to find out more about our worship night, and get your FREE ticket before October 7th!