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Live With Inexpressible Joy

Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can be filled with inexpressible joy because you serve and believe in a God that is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow – a God that will never leave your side no matter ...
FaithLife To The Full

6 Ways to Stop the Comparison Game for Good

The comparison game is a game that will last forever if you do not make tangible steps towards saying “no” to the comparative thoughts when they first arise. Read on for 6 ways to get out of the comparison game for good. 

5 Summer Short-Term Mission Trips

Have that urge on your heart to step out of your comfort zone and serve Jesus overseas? Here are 5 awesome summer opportunities for you to do just that- check out! PS. One of them is hosted by us, Live ...
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Live Entrusted

How often do we question our level of trust in the Lord? How often do we tell ourselves we need to have more trust? What if we swap that perspective and ask ourselves, how much does God trust me? When you ...
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Live Vertically

Instead of looking to your left and right for your value and worth, look vertically towards your Creator and God – what He affirms you in is eternal. 
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Live Eternally Minded

We believe in life after death. We believe in life eternal. How does that truth transform your everyday life? It should change everything. 
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Live Adventurously Expectant

If you allow God to write your story, to be your conductor, to be your captain then you WILL live a life of adventure, awe and wonder. It won’t be comfortable, easy, or even make sense most of the time, ...
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Live Salted : The Comparison Game Sucks

The comparison game sucks and you will always be the loser. Christ never intended for us to live with envy or jealousy, but rather contentment and joy. Read on to learn how to embody these emotions by living salted in ...