Have you ever thought if your future husband was thinking about you already? Have you ever thought if he was already down a path preparing his heart and habits to one day love and respect you? Have you ever done those things yourself, but about your future husband? Come along with us as we start a new series in our Guy Talk section of “Letters to My Future Wife” by Anthony Park. 

Letters to My Future Wife // An Overview

By Anthony Park

His Heart

“A collection of letters to my wife… who I actually haven’t met. Raw, sincere emotion, all to remind women that love worth waiting for exists. It’s about time that guys left the sidelines and joined the movement. Even if it might mean being vulnerable, I [Anthony] get to encourage women, restore their value, and counter what culture tells us about love. That has value.

I’m speaking today for the change that I so desperately want to see. Why? Because the hurt runs deep and the tears won’t cease. Give these words permission to stir up your confidence and raise your expectations for relationships. In the same way God loves us, there are men, far better than me, fighting to love you well.

Be encouraged and inspired to live by the value your husband will one day see in you and probably already does. You truly are beautiful.” –Anthony Park

Series Overview

So often us women sell ourselves short on what we deserve or how we should be treated, because we have not seen an example in own lives. If you were not raised in a Christian family, or involved in a circle of Christian couples- it is likely that you lack hope for this “Godly-leader man” that you will one day call husband, because you have never seen him.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”2 Corinthians 4:18

Our hope with this weekly series, is to show you just one perspective of a gentlemen preparing his heart and soul for marriage and a wife to remind you that there are men out there who want to pursue your heart and love you with the love that Jesus shown on the cross.

Are you in? 

These letters will be going live every Thursday, and if you cannot wait until then, Anthony has already posted a few to his personal blog, Writing for Tomorrow,  under the “Encouraging Her” category.

These will also be sent out in every newsletter, so make sure you are subscribed to it so you do not miss a single post- first one coming out tomorrow!

Who is Anthony?

Anthony Park is a 23-year old writer who has a calling on his heart to encourage this generation of women to rise up and stand tall for the love and respect they deserve. He also has this desire to equip the men of this generation to step into that calling of loving and respecting their wives. Having recently just gotten back from a DTS trip with YWAM, he is filled with knowledge and experiences that he wants to speak through and encourage people by. He is new to the blog scene but is hoping the less of him and more of God paradigm still applies- which we believe is working completely!

Living in Suwanee, Georgia, he recently graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology and is now working as a business analyst for a marketing firm and pursuing a business venture on the side- an expression of what he feels God is doing to empower dreamers. You can read his full “about me” on his blog here.


We cannot wait to go deeper with you all and show a Godly guy’s perspective on his future wife!